Artisan Marketplace 2015
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Activities, Games & Rides Ceramics & Sculpture Clothing & Costumes
Costume, Wagon &    Wheelchair Rentals Fine Art Garlands, Hats & Accessories
Glass Heraldry & Genealogy Import
Jewelry Leather Metal, Coins & Pewter
Occult Perfumes, Soaps, Oils & Incense Themed & Fantasy
Toys Trader's Market Wood, Stone, Leather & Bone
  Visiting Guest Artists  
Archery 202 Archery
Axe Throw



NEW Bawdy Braids 36 Bawdy
Big Swing 208 Big Swing
Braids for Maids 153 Braids for
Climb the Monolith 140 none
Darts 138 none
Dragon Swing 31

Dragon Swing

Fools Maze 33 none
French Braids by Twisted Sisters 137 French braids by Twisted
Good Shepherd Games 408
Jabacco 316 none
Javelin 409 none
NEW Juggling Styx 41 none
Knife Throw 204 none
Kristy King Face Painting 150 none
Maharani Mehendi Henna 315 none
Maypole Carousel 314 none
Morgan Games 303 none
Petting Zoo 501
Phoenix Henna Body Art 529 none
Siege of Tortuga 142 none
St. Judes School of Fencing 212 none
Starz 206 none
The Bawdy Braiders 36 none
The Bubble Rollers M1 The Bubble
Tea with the Queen F15

Tea With the QueenPurchase advance tickets for Tea with the Queen


Vertigo 216 none
Amsbury's Beads & Ceramics 23 Amsbury
Crystalline Glaze 39 Crystaline Glaze vase by Jon
Schulps Pottery & Knives 151 none
The English Potter 144 The English
The Ocarina Shoppe 406 none
Weiming Chen - Sculptor 148 none
Xavier Gonzales Ceramics 37 Xavier Gonzales Ceramics
Yanna Porcelain Sculpture 416 none
Alter Egos 509


Bullseye Clothing 119 none
Hearts Delight Clothiers 115 Heart's Delight red
Opal Moon Designs 130 Opal Moon
Ophelia's 122 none
Pandora's Kloset 104 Pandora's Kloset sweater
Pendragon Costumes 118 Pendragon
Silver Leaf Designs 126 none
The Shirtmaker 117 none
Tickle Thy Fantasy 121 Tickle Thy

Belrose Costume Rentals (& Wagons

& Wheelchairs!  no reservations)

Patrick Morgan - Artisan 20 none
Pysanka by Adriana 511 Pysanka by
Red Rabbit Miniatures 143 Red Rabbit
NEW Ruth Thompson Fantasy Art 412 Red Roo
Broom Magic 513 Broom
Enchanted Garland 26 none
Farthingale Enterprises 107 Farthingale
Greenman Florals 17 none
St. Cuthberts Wool F16
The Crown and Griffin 35 none
Tudor Rose 18 none
Wheat Goddesses 14 Wheat
Abelman Art Glass 27 Abelman Art
Dragonfly Stained Glass 12 Dragonfly Stained
Mystic Glass 145 none
Stonehenge 19 none
Ananda Trader 421 Ananda Trader
Casbah Caravan to Asylum Down 506 none
Ekata 319 none
Hmong Needlework 321 none
Shakti Blue 317 none
Unmbrella Cart 157 none
White Llama 521 none
Autumn Gypsy Studios 149 none
Azalai Tuareg Jewelry 508 Azalai Tuareg
Benitez Jewelers 428 Benitez
Bone Pins 101 A Bone
Coin Strike 22 none
Fleur du Jour 424 none
Jewelry by Da'oud 430 Jewelry by Daoud
Maraya Jewellry Art 418 www.marMaraya Jewellry
Pale Moon Enterprises 422 Pale
Puzzle Rings 426 none
Puzzle Rings Cart 101 B none
RI-Dressed History 21 RI-Dressed
Silver Shamrock 304 Silver
Single Tree 124 Single Tree Hair
The Artofactory 420 The
Uncommon Adornments 434 Uncommon
Bad Hatter Dude 124 Bad Hatter
Bad Hatter Dude Cart Lakeside Bad Hatter Dude
Bullseye 119 none
Cyndi's Sheep Shack 132 Cyndi's Sheep
NEW Luna Pelle 134


One Oak Leather 312 none
Osborn Leather 109 none
Spirit of the Forest 139

Spirit of the Forest

Tower of London 120 (website down temporarily)
Under The Mango Tree 404 (website down temporarily)
Ballena Bay Pewter 30 Ballena Bay Pewter

Fellowship Foundry

125 Fellowship Foundry dragon
McPherson Knives 312 none
Money-Changers: Ancient Coins 432 (website down temporarily)
Oso Forge 310 Oso Forge
NEW Sabersmith 410 Sabersmith sword
Three Sheets Metal Designs 16 Three Sheets Metal Art
NEW Blue Moon 514 Blue Moon
Cards By Catharae 510 Cards by
Soothsayer Share 512 Soothsayer
Bell Star Oils & Incense 103/105 Bell Star
Blythe Spirits 28 (no product photos)
Passiflora 127
Amsbury's The Heart & The Skull 25 Amsbury's The Heart and Skull - Pirate's
Big Hat Pirates 111 none
Hearts Delight Emporium 136 Heart's
Imaginarium Galleries 29 Imaginarium
PuimaMia Elf Ears & Fairy Dust 302 none
The Ortfaerie 402 The
Whirlwood Wands 147 Whirlwood
Whispers from the Past 311 Whispers from the
Root & Twig 135 none
Swords & Shields 10 none
Rag & Bones 146 none
Spice Traders Teas 517 Spice Trader
NEW Badger Creek 141 Badger
Inner Beast Leather 128 none
Madera Cup Company 138 Madera Cup
Nativearth/Olde Soles 113 Nativearth
New World Mugs and Woods 523 New World Mugs and
Sev's Wood Crafts 32 Sev's Wood
Walking Woods 108 none
Wassail Horns 24 Wassail
Wild Vines Woodworking 106 Wild Vines
Wood, Stone, Leather & Bone 232 Wood Stone Leather

Aislinne Antiques

Donald & Susan Echlin - April 4/5, April 11/12, April 17/18/19, April 25/26

Think of us as merchants displaying our antique and vintage ware, from around the world. The items we offer are of the style, and appropriate to, Renaissance taste and Tudor sensibilities. We offer fine and costume jewelry, purses, art and sculpture, textiles, baskets, boxes, religious artifacts, copper, brass, silver, books, furniture, and a bewildering array of exotic goods. As Anthropologists, and Historians, we buy and sell items we find interesting, rare, and able to tell a story.

As Wood As It Gets

Tony Fredericks - April 4/5 & April 11/12

Craftsman Tony Fredericks carefully handcrafted items are a must have for every Patron of our Faire.  With care and precision he takes beautiful exotic woods and turns them into useful items for the home.

Grapevine windchime Chime-a-lotChime-a-lot

David Stanelle - April 4/5, April 11/12, April 17/18

Stoneware chimes and figurines attached to 100 year old grapevine hung with leather or chain. Also - The favorite mug! Made from my very own chime clay fired at high temp and some personality, each mug is hand carved and no two are alike.

Forest Glass vaseForest Glass

Steve Arnold - April 4/5, April 11/12, May 16/17  

Forest Glass is a variety of Renaissance and earlier period styles of glass vessels that are replicated from actual glass artifacts found in Archaeological digs, paintings of the period and historic research. It has the characteristic green and honey brown color that is indicative of the Renaissance period. Though wood has been replaced with gas, this glass is produced in the same way it has been made from Roman times up until the Baroque era... the traditional techniques and tools are still used in the present day to re-create this glass.

Honey and Ollie Designs

Honey and Ollie - April 4/5, May 9/10

Inspired, handmade, urban tribal jewelry. Soulful adornments for dreamers, travelers and world builders. Tell your story with Honey & Ollie Designs.

Lisa Pallante Leather ArtistLisa Pallante – Leather Artist

Lisa Pallante - April 4/5 & April 17/18/19

Lisa’s leather work is inspired by nature. Using high quality leather she uses several techniques to create her pieces. Hand sewn, handpainted, moulding, pyrography, hand carving, weaving and dyeing... each piece is one of a kind, handcrafted, and just for you.

Spiral Trinity Erin Rado RavensdaughterThe Celtic Art Store   Ravensdaughter Celtic Art

Erin Rado – April 4/5 & May 16/17

The Ravensdaughter Celtic Art Collection returns. Celtic Mandalynths – tracing plates for stress relief and mental focus, Celtic Art Prints framed and unframed, and Glass Dome Jewelry of all types. Come see what’s new.

Stickbow Archery

Dave Ruff - April 4/5, April 11/12, April 17/18/19

Quality Handmade Bows and Accessories from Dave Ruff of Texas.

Allen Gray & Judy Castleberry Sun LeatherSun Leather

Allen Gray & Judy Castleberry - April 4/5, April 11/12, April 17/18/19

Leather magic from head to toe... sculpted leather hats, handbags, potion bottles, tripod stools, belts and footwear.  Designed and made to entrance and intrigue.

Autumn Sky AdornmentsAutumnSky Adornments

Crystal Rector - April 11/12 

Handmade treasures of all sorts...mostly the wearable sparkly, finely woven beaded sort, but there's so much more! All of it inspired by nature, folklore, music, and the incredible cast of characters that surrounds me.

I believe that within each of us is a character that is yearning to come out and play, or a story that we are aching to tell. It is my fondest hope that my creations will help you to tell yours.

Cairngorm DesignsCairngorm Designs

Tina Clark - April 11/12

One of a kind freeform bead woven necklaces, strung necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and bead embroidered pieces. Perfect for the individual who loves Unique and Wearable Art.

House of Wormwood 

Sidney Rice - April 11/12 & April 17/18/19

House of Wormwood's Millinery Masterpieces are inspired by literary characters, historical costume design, and fantasy. Wilamina Wormwood creates distinct and cohesive Mudlark Millinery collections with historical flair. To create the theatrical genre of each collection, the Assemblage tells the story with textures, treasures, and color treatments of found artifacts and botanicals.

Her Washwares and Wickwares have been seen for over a decade at the California Renaissance Faires, and the Great Dickens Christmas Faire. Wilamina Wormwood uses only the finest vegetable oils, botanicals, and scent blends, for her handcrafted soappes, lotions, and bathing accessories. As a Guest Artist, the House of Wormwood will not disappoint, bringing new and exciting creations to the faire.

Goggles by Professor MacEwan's Steam Trunk EmporiumProfessor MacEwan's Steam Trunk Emporium

Shanti MacEwan - April 11/12 & April 17/18/19

Stronghold Leather

Eric Logan - April 17/18/19, April 25/26, May 2/3

Fabulously Fantastical Architectural Armor!

Blue Moon Designs Katherine BecvarBlue Moon Designs

Katherine Becvar - April 18/19, 25/26

Blue Moon Designs features practical pocket belts and other fashionable utility accessories made from recycled and reclaimed scrap fabrics.

Buffalo Hats

Buffalo “Christine” Larkin - April 25/26

The Creative Mind and Nimble Fingered Designer of the Unusual is back after a long hiatus from Faire.  A Foole-ish Milliner with headwear designed to delight.

Moonlit Bloom hair clipsMoonlit Bloom

Wendy Waagenaar - April 25/26, May 2/3

Festival gear and adornment. Leather holsters, beads & pouches.


Patricia Farber - April 25/26

Petruska is celebrating 50 years of creating one of a kind wearable art, made with rare and precious textiles, ribbons, beading and hand dyeing.

Amber Moon by Reva MyerAmber Moon

Reva Myers - May 2/3, May 9/10

Reva Myers hand carves jewelry from deer antler, fossil teeth, amber, and jet, and sets many of these wearable sculptures with precious and semi-precious gemstones. She markets her work under the company name of Amber Moon, and has been involved with the Renaissance Pleasure Faire off and on since 1991. All of her carvings are one-of-a-kind, and she specializes in mythic images, animals and plants, and Celtic themed carvings. Please stop by, see what's new, fall in love, purchase a piece and wear it forever! Or perhaps, just say hello to Reva and her husband Rafiki.

Curliquity - Stained Glass   

Michelle “Skip” Vasquez - May 2/3 & May 9/10

Skip creates beautiful intricate miniature stained glass windows that catch the light brilliantly and beautifully. Stop by and see the sunlight dance off these wonderful works of art.


Theresa MacWillie - May 2/3 & May 16/17

Fine handcrafted tribal ornamentation from all over the world.

Ophelia's Pouch Belts

May 2/3

Filigree Studios stone dragonStoneWorks by Filigree Studios

Michael Fanizza - May 2/3, May 9/10, May 16/17

Michael personally hand casts and finishes every individual piece in an Island Lake, IL studio. Following time tested methods, he uses weather tolerant concrete for outdoor display pieces, and hydrostone for lighter weight decorative indoor items. No plastic or resin is ever used, and each piece is available exclusively from Filigree Studios/StoneWorks. All designs are designed and sculpted Robin Raab. He is proudly carrying on Robin’s long running tradition of quality handmade artwork that brings happiness to your home and garden!

Taylor Jewelry

Paul and Marnee Taylor - May 2/3, May 9/10, May 16/17

The Taylors are longtime Renaissance Faire artists and jewelers. Drawing designs primarily from nature they create distinctive handcrafted jewelry in mixed metals, primarily in Sterling Silver and various colours of 14k Gold.

Willowsprites wingsWillowsprites wingsWillowsprites      

Lori Capranica - May 2/3 & May 9/10         

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, studied Costume Design at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   She started making fantasy wings and coordinating costumes five years ago and has proven to be a favorite guest.  


Brian Lemke - May 2/3 and 9/10

Spirited Horns and Spriteful Ears, from beyond the fields we know...


Ann and Karen Mitchell - May 9/10 & May 16/17

Jewelry designers, authors, and teachers Ann Mitchell and Karen Mitchell will once again be participating as guest artists for the two final weekends of the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. The sisters established their mixed-media jewelry company, AnKara Designs, in 1991, and their work has appeared at numerous juried arts and crafts shows, as well as in film, television, books, magazines, museum collections, and theatrical productions.

Ann and Karen showcase their polymer clay innovation and expertise in their first book, Liquid Polymer Clay: Fabulous New Techniques for Making Jewelry and Home Accents (Krause, 2003, now on Kindle). Their second book, Bead Jewelry 101 (2009/2011, Creative Publishing International), is currently available in its second edition, featuring a DVD of jewelry making techniques. The sisters enjoy combining a variety of materials including liquid and solid polymer clay, metal filigree, chain, glass, crystal, shells, and stone to create their original pieces. Their delicate, feminine designs have a vintage fair, and complement both everyday attire and dramatic costumes. Custom orders are welcome.

Crystal Winds Jewelry  

Terry DeLugo & Val Valenya - May 9/10 & May 16/17

Terry DeLugo and Val Valenya are bringing their Fantastic Faire Jewelry as always! Come and get a gift for Mother’s Day or for yourself.

Danny Boy PipesDanny Boy Pipes

Carole Cianelli - May 9/10 & May 16/17

Danny Boy Pipes features beautiful pipes from all over the world: Briars, Churchwardens, Clay, Ceramic and Lord of the Rings replicas.  Everything you need, whether connoisseur or beginner, in one little shop:  delicious tobaccos, pipe cleaners, tools, lighters and more. 

New this year (pictured), custom-made Danny Boy Vape Pipes.

Rainwalker Masks

Lauren Raine - May 9/10 & May 16/17     

"Mythic Masks for Mythic Minds".  Since 1985 - unique handcrafted leather masks for Renaissance, Mardi Gras, Theatre and Magic. Made and signed by Artist.

Faery MysteriumFaery Mysterium

Michelle Van Fleet - May 16/17

Enter the beauteous realm of Faery Mysterium, and discover mystically magical utterly original faery seat sculptures of crystal and gemstone that bring real faeries to you! Faery trooping wagons, faery crystal temples for manifesting your true heart’s desire, handcrafted faery wands, magical crystal faery charm necklaces and more.  The lovely heart healing magic of faery at your fingertips!


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