Special Events 2014
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Time Traveler Weekend 2014April 26 & 27

Time Traveler Weekend

We invite all our guests to dress up in your finest time-traveling attire. No matter which century you portray, we're looking forward to celebrating a leap back (or forward) in time! It is, after all, a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey... stuff.


Swashbuckler Weekend 2014May 3 & 4

Swashbuckler Weekend

Dress as your inner pirate!  Join Captain Sir Francis Drake at the Cuckoo's Nest (next to the Rogue's Reef Stage), buy an ale and bring your favorite toast or story of the sea to share! 1PM each day.

Saturday May 3 - May Day & Gay Day!

Our guests are invited to join the Bieltienne Celebration, which will include a procession featuring our May Queen and May King and their Court, the Fantastikal fae folk, festive music, singing and cavorting (song lyrics will be provided). Once the procession arrives at the site of the festivities, there will be an opportunity for our guests to write out their heart’s desires on bits of parchment, and then place them in a hole in the Earth just before the Pole of May is planted therein, thereby giving a special charge unto their wishing.


Wenches Weekend 2014May 10 & 11

Wenches Weekend

In celebration of Wenches Weekend our version of “Ladies Night” –all weekend long, the Renaissance Pleasure Faire is hosting “A Taste of the Faire,” a self- hosted Wine Tasting through five of our pubs.  Tickets are $25 dollars and are to be purchased at the Crown and Anchor Pub near the main entrance of faire.  Upon purchase you will receive a wrist band that entitles you to five tastes of wine at predetermined ale stands, each of which will be featuring a different wine!


Sunday - Mother's Day -Bring yourself (and Mom!) to the Cat and Fiddle Pub to enjoy Mother’s Day Mimosas!


End of the Day Parade by Pascale HessMay 17 & 18

Craft Brew Feature / Closing Weekend

Local and Regional Home and Craft Brewers venture to the faire to demonstrate and educate you with a sample of their hearty concoctions. 


Sunday:  Join us as we celebrate the final day of our 52nd Season carrying on the tradition of our Closing Day Parade.
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