Pirate Invasion Weekend


The 5th Annual PIRATE INVASION WEEKEND is coming this 
August 25th & 26th, 2012!

Join us for A Pirate Invasion like you've never experienced before!!

You will always find pirates at the Faire, but these two days there be EXTRA Pirate Plunderin' with:

• Kids can take part in Pirate Fight School! Pirate Games! Pirate Talkin' Lessons!!
• The Swashbuckling Sounds of The Crimson Pirates!
• A Treasure Hunt!! Costume Contests, prizes, and more ARRRGHHH than you have ever experienced before! So join us!


Join in a FREE Beer Tasting sponsored by Sam Adams this weekend only! August 25-26 at the Hawker’s Pub. See special event schedule upon arrival for times.

**Must have your valid Driver's License/State ID to taste beer**



Henry MartinChristopher Liedenfrost-Wilson. A singer, guitarist, accordionist who will delight you with Maritime Favorites and Celtic Traditionals. Also performing with Crimson Pirates.

Photo by Jodi Oliveri


Crimson Pirates

If there's no relaxation to be had anywhere else, Queen Elizabeth knows she can spend a happy half hour with Sterling's resident scurvy crew as they offer up songs of shipwreck, lost love and spilt beer.


The Brigands

The Brigands be a musical minded group performing songs, Sea Shanties and tunes, lore and fact from the Golden Age of Piracy, 1650-1750 and beyond. Four Shows on Saturday August 25 ONLY. (See Special Event schedule at front gate for performance locations.)




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