Special Events & Theme Weekends 2015

Pub Crawl photo: Deborah GrosmarkEvery Faire Day - PUB CRAWL

Hosted by The Brewmaster    
Join us for a riotous brewfest with bawdy songs, jokes and drinking games as you explore the pubs of Sterling Shire and sample the finest beers in the company of one of the Shire’s most colorful characters. Receive five drinks including a microbrew at our newly reopened Peacock Pavilion!
SIGN UP at the Information Booth - $35 per person

Tour lasts approx. 75-90 minutes. Limited space available
Two Pub Crawls scheduled per day: 11:15am & 3:00pm

Meet at Matty Groves to begin the festivities!
Participants will also receive a commemorative pin.
Must be 21+ and have your valid Driver’s License/State ID to participate.

photo: Deborah Grosmark


Wine Tasting by Ron FraryEvery Faire Day - Wine Tasting

SIGN UP at the Information Booth - $20 per person
Limited space available
Two Wine Tastings scheduled per day: 1:00pm & 4:00pm

Must be 21+ and have your valid Driver’s License/State ID to participate.


Weekend 1, August 1 & 2, 2015

Opening Weekend

Welcome to the New York Renaissance Faire where fantasy rules and whimsical delights take flight; where worlds coexist and dreams come to life! One Adult Ticket for $20!  Print this coupon and present it at the Box Office!


Children by Svetlana GrinbergWeekend 2, August 8 & 9, 2015

Child Free Admission

All children age 12 and younger are free. No purchase necessary. No coupon necessary.

Children's Costume Parade and Contest:

Join us for our Children’s Costume Parade and Contest where participants, ages 12 and under, can show off their incredible renaissance attire. Let your child’s creativity shine as they march throughout the faire grounds.


Parade Start Location: Queen’s Landing

Parade Start Time: 4:45am


Parade End/ Costume Contest Location: Fool’s Stage

Costume Contest Start Time: 5pm


Sign up at the Info Booth!


Photo by Svetlana Grinberg


Artisan by Adam SchererWeekend 3, August 15 & 16, 2015

Marketplace Weekend

Guests who spend $200 or more will receive 2 complimentary tickets to return to the faire this season!


Market Place Master Craftsman:

In honor of Market Place Weekend, we invite the guests of the shire to judge our Second Annual Market Place Master Craftsman Competition! The talented crafters of the shire have entered their finest items to be on display in the Guardians of Sterling Gardens. It is up to you to decide what item is the most lavish, artistic, and beautiful.  To vote, place your ballot in the box in front of the item you wish to select. At the end of the weekend, one artisan will be named, “Market Place Master Craftsman”


Voting Times: 10am-4:30pm



Knight/Dame in Shining Armor:

Robin Hood is our hero! Who is yours? Is there someone in your life who is a hero in the community? Do they inspire you to be a better person? Let us hear their story! Fill out our form by following this link: http://goo.gl/forms/opSnzy7nsa  Winners will be chosen and knighted by the Queen herself*


* The nominated must be able to attend Marketplace Weekend

* All submissions must be made by July 19th 2015 at Midnight EST

* All winners will be notified via email by July 27th 2015 with additional details.

*Winners will be selected at the discretion of the NYRF Management


Photo by Adam Scherer


Romance Weekend by Michael SchmidtWeekend 4, August 22 & 23, 2015

Romance Weekend

Poetry Slam:

Take hold of your inner muse and join our Romantic Poetry Slam. Poems may be written in any form or style but may not exceed 25 lines. This year’s topic is “Eternal Love”.


Time of the Slam: 4:30

Location: Queen’s Landing

Sign up at the Info Booth!


Vow Renewal:

Rekindle and embrace your feelings of love and devotion as you and your partner renew your vows in a magical, romantic ceremony officiated by our Lord Mayor

Bring your loved one and renew your vows.  Space is limited. Sign up at the Info Booth!


Time of Vow Renewal: 5pm

Location: Fool’s Stage

Photo by Michael Schmidt


Kilts by Rich ParkerWeekend 5, August 29 & 30, 2015

Celtic Highland Games Weekend

Best Knees in a Kilt Contest:

Don your Kilts and get ready to compete! Do you have the nicest knees and the swankiest kilt in all the land? Now is your chance to show it! Swagger to our stage and strike your best pose. The individual with the loudest cheer from the crowd is bestowed the title of Nicest Kilted Knees in the Shire!


Time of Contest: 5pm

Location of Contest: Fool’s Stage

Sign up at the Info Booth!


Counting Sheep

How many sheep do you see? Write down the number of “sheep” you think are inside our magic sheep container with your contact information. Person whose guess is closest to the actual number, wins a pair of Complementary Passes to return next season!


Photo by Rich Parker


Time Travelers by Pedro EstevezWeekend 6, September 5, 6 & 7, 2015

Time Traveler Weekend

Fantasy Day: Immerse yourself in the magic and whimsy of Fantasy Day. Guests are encouraged to appear in your “true” form (be it dragon or fairy!). Transform yourself into the mystical being of your dreams for the day!

Steampunk Sunday: Time to dress in your Sunday best! This day is a celebration of your imagination and Victorian Rustic Style. Whether you enjoy the elegance of the Victorian era or prefer the unique mechanical technology of the future, let your creativity and exquisite fashion sense shine through!

Barbarian Day: Beware less you too may be recruited to join the Horde! The Barbarians are invading the shire! Listen for the roar of competion as they hold their annual Games of Strength and Endurance!


Time Travelers Parade:

Guests of all Era and Ages are welcome to join us in our Time Travelers Parade! Participants will majestically trek through the shire, flaunting their fanciest garb and costumes. The parade will end in the New York Renaissance Faire’s 2nd Annual Cosplay Competition!


The Parade Marches at 4:45pm starting at Queen’s Landing and ending at the Fool’s Stage!


There will be a preliminary “mystery” judging wherein the judges will mingle amongst the gathered crowned and anonymously view each participant so be on your best performance behavior!


Parade Time: 4:45pm

Sign up at the Info Booth!


Original Character Cosplay Competition:

Unleash your inner character at the 2nd Annual New York Renaissance Faire Cosplay Competition. Each participant will be introduced and receive 30 seconds to do their best poses. Awards will be given to the Best in Show, Best Prop, and Most Enthusiastic.


Guidelines: No projectiles, all weapons must be peace-tied and meet the New York Renaissance Faire Weaponry Guidelines and Policies. No violence, nudity or profanity on stage. There is no group category which means all contestants will be judged individually.


Vogue-ing at Queen’s Landing: 4:30pm

Contest at Foole’s Stage: 5pm

Sign up at the Info Booth!


Like Clockwork Scavenger Hunt: Help! Our Time Traveling machine is broken! Help find all of the pieces that are scattered throughout the shire!


Grab your map at the Guardians of Sterling Garden!


Photo by Pedro Estevez


Pirate Child by Eva WhorleyWeekend 7, September 12 & 13, 2015

Pirate Weekend

Pirate Parade and Contest:

ARRRRE You ready? Join us for our Pirates Parade, where Pirates from Sea Dog to Seal Pup, big and small, show off their pirate attire through all the shire. This grand parade is bound to make a splash, ending in the Ultimate Pirate Costume Contest!


The Parade Marches at 4:45pm starting at Queen’s Landing and ends at the Fool’s Stage!


Contest Starts at 5pm!


Sign up at the Info Booth!


Meet The Mermaid:

Swimming from the depths of the ocean in not an easy feat! Mermaid Cordelia has traveled far and wide to meet the children of Sterling Shire!  Don’t miss this magical opportunity to meet a real live mermaid!


Photo by Eva Whorley


Weekend 8, September 19 & 20, 2015

Masquerade Ball Weekend

Join us on Her Majesty's  Chessboard for a gala ball, held twice daily. Come dressed in your most mysterious finery and dance to the exotic music of VaNaMaZi!


Weekend 9, September 26 & 27, 2015

OktoberFest Weekend

Keg and Barrel Festival! Celebrating Craft Beers throughout the day, from the finest local breweries.


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