Costume Rentals - The Belrose (N 09)
David Belrose
24 Village Green
Renaissance Costume Rental



  The New York Renaissance Faire features over 100 talented artisans who display and sell their unique handcrafted wares. The variety you will find in the village marketplace is sure to appeal to everyone. Nowhere else can you find the combinations of artists who will demonstrate their skill at blowing glass or forging iron, create a perfectly authentic article of renaissance clothing, or fashion a one of a kind piece out of exotic leathers. Whether you fancy delicately formed gold jewelry or prefer to sport a manly drinking horn about your neck, there are crafts to outfit yourself and your home. Children delight in having their face painted, their hair braided or finding a new puppet friend.
  Exhibitor listings are subject to change.
Arms & Armor Artwork & Mixed Media Candles, Soaps & Scents
Clothing, Costumes & Accessories Furnishings Glasswork
Jewelry Leather Wares Metal & Pewter
Musical Instruments Paper Pottery
Sculpture Special Services Specialties
Toys & Fun Wood Interested in Exhibiting in Our Marketplace?
  (PD) = Product Demonstrations
(N 10) = New in 2010

Arms & Armour

Capricorn Arms
Tim Leeson
25 Lakeside Market
Hollow Earth Swordworks -
Steven Archote
3 Locksley Lane
Hardwood Training Weapons
Mayhawke Armoury -
Paul Schneider
39 Spende Penny Lane
Historic Replica Weaponry
Starfire Swords, Ltd. -
Maciey Zakrzewski
20 Village Green
Swords, Pole-Arms, Axes & Daggers

Artwork & Mixed Media

Coquina Arts -
Jace Collins
4 Renegades Way
Fine Artwork
Renae Tayor Fine Arts -
Renae Taylor
30 Spende Penny Lane
Fairy Art, Prints and Sculpture

Candles, Soaps & Scents

Catskill Soap Company
Annie Adams
22 Spende Penny Lane
Goat's Milk Lotions and Creams, Shea Butter & Bath Teas
Global Scent Company Garrison Crenshaw
25 Swan Circle
Perfume Oils, Incense & Bath Products
La Parfume Parlour
Erik Haas
12 Royal Row
Perfume Oils, Incense & Bottles
Lotion Candles - Jamie Martens
43 Spende Penny Lane and Lakeside Market
Lotion Candles
Moondancer -
Tamblyn Scott
42 Renegades Way & 11 Storybook Lane
Incense, Oils & Soaps
Village Candle Maker (PD) -
Jerry Hurst
18 Swan Circle
Carved & Scented Candles

Clothing, Costumes & Accessories

Pamela & Gary Taylor
22 Market Square
Clothing, Leather Bota Bags & Pouches
Casta Diva Clothiers
Lelia Chamberlain
19 Tinker's Trail
Crown & Feather
Scott & Cheryl McNeal
9 Renegades Way
Renaissance Hats, Wooden & Feather Roses
CS Designs -
Christine Simeone
44 Spende Penny Lane
Clothing & Costumes
Fowle Play
Bonnie Trivizas
17 Tinker's Trail
Feather Hairclips & Fans
Grin Kins
Lewis Gettstein
16 Spende Penny Lane
Wearable Horns & Grin-Kins
Hearts Delight -
Ron & Deborah Mesker
12 Dragon Walk
Highland Secrets of Suzanne -
Suzanne Terhune
6 Renegades Way
Scottish & Celtic Clothing and Accessories
House of Dra -
Dra Kaplan
31 Lakeside Market
Jiva Silk Originals
Robert Ottos & Theresa Nazzal
17 Royal Row
Silk Clothing
Knightly Endeavors -
John Reeder
20 Mystic's Way
Clothing, Costumes & Accessories
Madd Hatter -
Joyce Durand
46 Spende Penny Lane and 5 Locksley Lane
Renaissance Hats
M'Lady's Panties
Vicki Jo DeRocker
1 Locksley Lane
Clothing & Costumes
Moon Angel
Ron & Fa Peckham
28 Spende Penny Lane
Belly Dancing Clothing
Moresca -
Lena Dun
17 Market Square
Clothing, Costumes & Accessories
Reyen Design Studios -
David & Dorita Reyen
29 Swan Circle
Hand Dyed & Felted Silk Garments
Ruth's Royal Rags
Nancy Feintuck
13 Market Square
Shawls, Pouches & Afghans
Scott & Cheryl McNeal
1 Renegades Way
Pirate Accessories
The Crow's Nest
Scott & Cheryl McNeal
2 Renegades Way
Pirate Clothing
Wendy Drolma Masks -
Wendy Klein
29 Lakeside Market
Leather Masks
Satori Masks
Margaret Lynch
20 Swan Circle
Leather Works


Sky Chairs -
Robert Anderson
14 Dragon Walk
Hanging Chairs


Historical Glassworks (PD) -
Jason Klein
Greenfield Common
Historic Recreations in Glass
Silvertree Designs -
Beth Hoffman
26 Village Green
Stained Glass
Dreamweaver (N 10)
Marshall Rey and Llynn Ritz
34 Spende Penny Lane
Stained Glass


Argenti -
Albert & Nellie Thomann
32 Spende Penny Lane
Gold & Silver Jewelry
Bead-Jewelled -
Alexandra Borthwick
14 Village Green
Jewelry & Tapestry Bags
Black Prince Armoury -
Wayne Arribas
16 Village Green
Chainmail Jewelry & Armour
Lathrop Works
Karen Lathrop
26 Spende Penny Lane
Silver, Gold & Beaded Jewelry
Medieval Metal -
Sean & Erika Potter
11 Dragon Walk
Metalwork & Jewelry
Moon Angel -
Ron & Fa Peckham
38 Spende Penny Lane
Silver, Brass & Gold Jewelry
Mystical Gypsie -
Bob Dilger & Gayle Balcon
19 Swan Circle
Silver Jewelry & Crystals
Puzzle Rings by Pepi -
Pepi Masselli
17 Swan Circle & 19 Royal Row
Puzzle Rings, Pendants & Earrings
Rozelisa DeFabiis
13 Swan Circle
Sculpted -
Connie Colten
20 Spende Penny Lane
Copper, Silver & Bronze Jewelry
Silver Rose Armory -
Jennifer Torpie
16 Village Green
Chainmail Jewelry
Siren's Song
Scott & Cheryl McNeal
4 Sherwood Forest Crossing
Somewear Beyond Coin Hona Hein
8 Market Square Crossing
Custom Minted Medallions

Leather Wares

Pamela & Gary Taylor
27 Tinker's Trail
Clothing, Leather Bota Bags & Pouches
Catskill Mountain Moccasins -
Mark Goldfarb
33 Spende Penny Lane
Custom Leather Footwear
Eeldrytch Armouree -
Christine Driscoll and Paul Marcure
10 Market Square Crossing
Leather Armour and Accessories
Emporium Custom Leathers
Jessica Caruso-Reynolds
15 Lakeside Market
Leather Clothing & Accessories
Miles Tonne -
Miles Meilinger III
18 Willow Walk
Leather & Suede Clothing
Renboots -
Doug Dealy
14 Market Square
Boots, Gloves, Hats & Accessories
Serendipity Paul Schneider & Sara Feldkamp
41 Spende Penny Lane
Leather Pouches, Mugs, Wallets & Books
Son of Sandlar -
Simon Helman
27 Lakeside Market
Leather Shoes & Boots
The Leather Rose
Lynn Horist
48 Spende Penny Lane
Leather Clothing & Accessories
Under the Mango Tree -
Mark Brasher
24 Lakeside Market
Leather Books, Journals, Photo Albums & Sketchbooks

Metal & Pewter

Black Dragon Pewter -
Joseph Bilella
21 Swan Circle
Pewter Figurines, Jewelry & Chess Sets
Fellowship Foundry Pewter (PD) -
Randal Moore
10 Greenfield Common
Pewter Goblets, Toasting Flutes & Sculptures
Lundegaard Productions Lars Lunde
11 Lakeside Market
Guild Hall & Guild Pins
Medieval Productions -
Peter L. Stachowiak
10 Market Square
Red Dog Forge Shane Stainton
10 Lakeside Market

Musical Instruments

Birds of Play
Daiko Crimmins
Sherwood Forest Crossing
Bird Whistles
Earth Tone Instruments
Trevor Ross
5 Sherwood Forest Crossing
Bamboo Flutes, Dijeridoos & Pens
Pathfinder Dreams
Gaea Yard
Locksley Lane
Drums & Other Musical Instruments




Elan Pottery (PD) -
Leigh Anne Thompson
31 Spende Penny Lane
For Love of Mud (PD) -
DeBorah Goletz
11 Dragon Walk


Blue the Pipemaker
Blue Bayer
25 Tinker's Trail
Clay Sculpture, Pipes & Amulets
Bronze Age Studios -
Kristin Thorson
21 Market Square
Copper & Bronze Sculpture & Fountains
Dragon Folk Studios (PD) -
Carrie L. Rutherford
15 Tinkers Trail
Clay Sculpture, Original Tales & Wood Carvings
Fossils of Aldemar -
Jason Bakutis
15 Swan Circle
Stone Castings
Looking Glass Studio -
Thor Lopez
24 Spende Penny Lane
Mirror Fames & Statues
Sales From the Crypt -
Alison Love & Keith Bonnfield
12 Spende Penny Lane & 22 Lakeside Market
Gargoyles & Garden Sculpture
The Neon Gargoyle -
Joey & Kathy Allo
10 Village Green
Mystical Figures & Mythological Creatures

Special Services

Divinations & Body Craft
David Ryzman & Martha Rand
11 Mystic's Way
Divinatory Readings & Massage
Edith Astrologer
Nina DeMitro
18 Mystic's Way
Emerald Soothsayer Sally Eaton
10 Mystic's Way
Face Painting
Barbara Sabini
29 Spende Penny Lane
Face Painting
Fantasy Hairweaving
Suzzanne Haney
36 Spende Penny Lane
Multi-Strand Hairbraiding
Fyne Face & Body Illustration
Sandra Bandes, Lisa Farrell & Sabrina Williamson
19 Storybook Lane, 10 Royal Row & 51 Spende Penny Lane
Face & Body Painting
House of JuJu
Kathy Mark
Forest Walk
JuJu, Tarot & Tea Leaf Readings
King's Oracle
Purim King
11 Forest Walk
Psychic Readings
Rapunzel's -
Rhonni DuBose
18 Spende Penny Lane
Hair Braiding
Rozelisa DeFabiis
13 Forest Walk
Psychic Readings
Three of Cups
Marie Prezner
9 & 12-14 Mystic's Way
Uncommon Adornment
Rhonni DuBose
16 Mystic's Way, 2 Sherwood Forest Crossing & 16 Willow Walk
Henna Body Art & Hair Tassels
Wise Woman
Sally Eaton
16 Forest Walk
Ye Old Psychic Guild -
Carol DeWolff
15 Mystic's Way


Chriselles Dolls -
Diane King Hallgren
40 Spende Penny Lane
Renaissance Costumes Porcelain Dolls
Elf Ears
Blue Bayer
Locksley Lane
Fanciful Transformations
Ephiphany Enterprises
Kim Rother
Roaming Baskets
Fest Foto -
Andrew & Michelle Taub
22 Village Green
Costumes Photos
Hudson Highland Magical Supply
Sean & Kate Crawford
11 Market Square
Wizard Wands & Charms
Imaginarium Galleries -
The Alfaro Family
42 Spende Penny Lane
Puppet Crafters
Mystique Rentals -
Cheryl Olsen
24 Village Green
Renaissance Clothing & Rentals
St. George's Dragon Orphanage -
Howard Yankow
23 Swan Circle
Baby Dragons
The Belrose -
David Belrose
24 Village Green
Renaissance Costume Rental and Wagon Rental
Ye Olde Worldly Treasures -
Norman Meltzer
13 Forest Walk

Toys & Fun

Flying Dragon Attractions
Ray St. Louis
Throughout the Faire
HC Craig and Co. Animal Attractions
HC Craig
Storybook Lane
Camel Rides
Jakes Toys -
Dick Sheridan
19 Lakeside Market
Wooden Toys & Stick Puppets
Lance Hatcher and Nixi Rosenberry
18 Royal Row and Sherwood Forest Crossing
Devil Sticks
Rotten Revenge
Lisa Boisselle
Chess Board
Tomato Throw
Root & Twig
Gillian Losa
18 Market Square
Children's Toys
Siege the Day -
Kevin & Patti Smith
27 Swan Circle
Wooden Siege Weapons
Pastimes Games of Skill
Peter Bardill
Throughout the Faire
Games of Skill


Black Swan Armoury -
Rene Dechert, Rick Marose & Justin Parker
Renegade Way and Forest Walk
Swords, Shields, Bows & Arrows
Cornish Mushroom
Mick Roman
Royal Row
Carved Wooden Mushrooms
Royal Sceptre -
Howard Johnson
20 Market Square
Sticks, Staves, Canes & Accessories
Swords and Shields -
Roy Petersen
14 Spende Penny Lane
Toy Swords & Shields
Timber Toys
Richard Heinzelman
3 Locksley Lane
Wooden Mugs, Pipes & Mirrors

Interested in becoming an artisan at the New York Renaissance Faire?

Find information & the Application for 2011 Exhibitors here, on the "HOW TO BECOME A MERCHANT" information and application page.

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