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Friends of Faire


Friends of Faire is a fully-owned REP organization. Membership is limited to 500 people per Faire season. Friends of Faire is a support organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting Faire patrons wanting to become more fully involved with the New York Renaissance Faire. 

Faire patrons, through their membership, are afforded many opportunities. The FOF Garden maybe used solely as a private sociable area within the Faire or for those wishing to become more closely involved: FOF offers many varied experiences and options.
FOF members desiring to be even more immersed in an REP Faire are afforded a myriad of volunteer activities. Workshops covering language, audience interaction, improv and costuming will be made available to all members.
  Ready to join the fun?
Join the 2013 Friends of Faire!
Can't get enough of the New York Renaissance Faire? Are you a true blue Faire fan? Indulge that urge and take your involvement beyond the status of Patron to an official "Friend of the Faire".
Membership is open to anyone and includes one-time visitors as well as season ticket holders, patrons, merchants, and performers alike. An honored division of Renaissance Entertainment Productions' national Friends of Faire organization, the The New York Renaissance FOF group offers 2 levels of membership which include a variety of benefits ranging from deeply discounted tickets, a private on-site garden and your own privies - just to name a few!
You will need tickets or a Season Pass to get in to the Faire itself.
Purchase tickets here. Order a Season Pass here.
  Memberships can only be purchased at the Faire Garden on weekends during the show. Membership sales begin at the Faire Garden on opening day of the Faire.  
  The New York Renaissance Faire FoF offers 2 levels of membership which include a variety of benefits designed to enhance your Faire experience:  

Level One: $35


  • A beautiful pewter FoF membership medallion especially crafted by Sheldon Pewter (issued in the Garden only)
    Access to the members-only Friends of Faire Garden
    Members-only privy
    A discount on tickets for Faire admission at the Will-Call window
    Workshops on Language and the Elizabethan period
    Two complimentary passes for admission to the Faire in August
    The opportunity to get to know other faire fans like yourself!

Level Two: $100


  • Everything in Level One PLUS a Prepaid Season Parking Pass! (limited number available. Inquire at the Friends of Faire Garden.)

FoF contact: Greg Williams or Scott Emslie

  E-mail: Greg Williams -
or Scott Emslie -
The NEW YORK Renaissance Faire is gratefully indebted to the following folke for their amazing skills at creating a truly wonderful organization:
Deirdre Carrobis, Karen Cummins, Jackie Emslie, Luke Gordon, Jason Jackson, Glyn Lipham, Diane Naugle, 
Kevin Storan, Deena Williams and the many other members that help support the Faire.

Online ordering for FoF items is not available.

IF memberships do become available for online ordering, please keep these points in mind:


  • Memberships and Queen's Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • No credit, exchanges or rainchecks
  • Special discount tickets available to current or renewing members only. You need a ticket or Season's Pass to get into the Faire.
  • Memberships and Complimentary tickets must be picked up at the Friends of Faire Garden.
    Regular purchased Tickets & Season Passes will be in Will Call at the Box Office.
  • Memberships and passes can also can be ordered in the Friends of Faire Garden.


Advance offer not valid with any other discounts. New York Renaissance Faire is not responsible for lost, stolen or unclaimed tickets. Ticket prices include NY Sales Tax. No pets please.

For more information, visit the Friends of Faire we    bsite , or the Friends of Faire Garden at the Faire.


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