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Official RenQuest™ Fiction
2008: The Legend of Ascalon 2010: The Great Split 2014: Autumn
2008: The Band of the Twisted Claw 2010: Adria's Heart 2014: Limits
2009: Talia's Journal 2010: The Nightmare 2015: Code
2009: Prologue - What Talia Saw 2010: Argyle and the Evil Rats 2015: Twas He Alone Against Five Men Grown
2009: The Barbarian's Side (Part 1) 2010: Prologue - Battle for the Hatchling 2015: Prologue - The Balance
2009: Founding of the Factions 2010: The Night the Paragons Left 2015: Bloody Little Secrets
2009: August Camp 2011: Prologue - Chaos Rising  
2009: Thoren's Night 2011: Thomas Wisseu's Prison Log  
2009: The Barbarian's Side (Part 2) 2012: Prologue - Darkness Descendant  
2009: The Champion's Ceremony 2013: Prologue - The Heir  

2009: Fencing Lessons

2013 Draco Day: The Tale of Vermillion  
2009: The Paragons (Part 1) 2014: Prologue - Resurrection  
2009: The Hymn of Lady Tso 2014 Draco Day: The Tale of Elbrus  
2009: Lillith's Lesson 2014: The Tale of Castor Sloan  
2009: The Gods Are Not Crazy 2014: The Tale of Katherine Mandrake  
RenQuest™ Fan Fiction

All stories below belong to the respective authors and are not canon to RenQuest™. THANK YOU for submitting these wonderful tales!

If you would like to add your story to this page please send it to (Please note that we will not edit your story for you.)

Beringer, Nicole

Vera Windstorm

Burgdorf, Michelle

Lady Druscilla: Backstory

Lady Druscilla: Part 1 & 2

Lady Druscilla: Part 3

Lady Druscilla: Part 4

Lady Druscilla: Part 5

Lady Druscilla: Part 6 & 7

Carparelli, Peter

Petrus Backstory

Carter, Jessica

The Countess Arrives

Cerniglia, Susan

Morgan Quicksilvertongue

Morgan's Spell

Morgan's Farewell

Water Dancer

Molly Maguire

Cidell, Adam


Correa Guivas, Emmanuel


She Who Walks Behind the Court

Cross, Andrew David


Dati, Carynne

The Tale of Gwendolyn Gwilt: Prologue

Chapter 1: The Warning Given

Chapter 2: The Hunt Begins

Chapter 3: Tension on the Fenris

Chapter 4: My Body is a Cage

Chapter 5: Aboard the Ghost Ship

Chapter 6: The Evil Eye of the Sea

Chapter 7: Disciples of Terror

Chapter 8: Fury Unbound

Chapter 9: Composed of the Greatest Pain

Chapter 10: Changing Tides

Chapter 11: Chasing the Ghosts

Chapter 12: O Tender Creature

Chapter 13: Drowning in Sorrow

Chapter 14: Crumbling Facades

Chapter 15: The Font Garoux

Chapter 16: The Wolf In Me

Chapter 17: The Truth Beneath the Moon

Chapter 18: Pushing Through Face Down

Dushek, Danielle

The Tale of the Peasant Queen

Emmerman, Stuart

The Legend of Ryder Swiftarrow

An Elven Interlude Part I

An Elven Interlude Part II

An Elven Interlude Part III

An Elven Interlude Part IV

An Elven Interlude Part V

An Elven Interlude - The Final Chapter

Flores, Erik

Blood Red

Hidalgo, Loren

Zeller Strampton

Jones, Kathryn

A Small Task

Keane, Tracy

The Tale of Skylana Softbreze

Misadventure in Bristol

Lentz, Lukas


Arthur Backstory

Nightphlox part 2

Arthur - A Tale of Two Faces

Arthur: Origins

Manley, David

The Story of Tovias Farraday (Part 1)

The Story of Tovias Farraday (Part 2)

The Story of Tovias Farraday (Part 3)

The Davemport Records

The Off-Season

Another World

The Void Treaders Collection

Inevitable (Book 1)

Inevitable (Book 2)

Markowitz, Laura

The Turning of the Year

Matsapola, Mohale

Beldak the Brave

Talis Riverwind

Talis's Tale

Revenge of the Dragonslayer

Talis & Caius & Druscilla

Talis's Summons

McMillin, Matt

Captain Wunderhund

Miskell, Jason

Rise of a Warrior

Rise of a Warrior 2 & 3

Gabe's Story 4 & 5

Munsterman, Jonathan

A Barbarian Story

Nemetz, Ryan

Caius Shadowsworn

A Taste of Temptation

Rumors & Questions

Fae Fiction


Beginning of the End

Spirit Walk

I Can Do What?

A Familiar New Face


The Four Pieces to Destruction

Reliving the Memory (complete)

A Change in Plan

Caius's Farewell

Changing Destiny

Sapitula, Marc

Sig's Backstory

Schaak, Eric

Tsumi's Letter

Strong, Cara


Strong, David

Nanus Firebain

Nanus part 2 & 3

Tampa, James

Flintlock Blunderbus



RenQuest™ Fan Art
Click on each image to see a larger version.  All images below belong to the respective artists... and we thank them! If you would like to add your art to this page please send it to (Please note that we will not edit your image for you).

Emmerman, Stuart

TerranusThoren Grymm

Keane, Tracy

Chicory FaethicketGaiaIsabellaJasperLady TsoRaven Hawkwood

Guardians of the EggLunar TribeOrder of the SunParagons of ElementsSkylana & RyderThoren & Talia

Mundell-Wachowiak, Analisa


Scot-Fry, Ron


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