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What is RenQuest™? How do I join?

  RenQuest is an interactive theatrical gaming experience offering players an opportunity to experience the living world of the Bristol Renaissance Faire through completing quests, honing skills and defeating evil villains. The game spans the 30-acre Faire grounds and boasts over 30 NPCs (non-playing characters) dedicated to enriching the fantasy experience for players. New to Bristol? There is no better way to become acquainted with the Faire and its inhabitants than by playing RenQuest. Regular season-pass member of the Faire? RenQuest is a great way to experience characters, shops and our beautiful scenery in a whole new light. “Live thy adventure!”  

Once you have decided to strike out on great adventure, you may purchase your day of play at the RenQuest™ Red Vardo.

  RenQuest™ Pricing:  
  Game play is $10 per day, recommended for ages 12 and up. Sign up at the RenQuest Red Vardo, located near the Cheshire Chase stage on your Faire map. If you have finished the core story but wish to pursue advanced achievements then RenQuest™ costs $5 per day. This price is in addition to the gate ticket price and does not offer any gate ticket discounts.  
  RenQuest™ offers interactive characters and prizes that are not available to the causal faire-attendee. In years past we have awarded hand blown glass goblets, hand bound leather journals, limited edition print artwork and a custom fantasy portrait featuring our grand champion in the picture! You cannot purchase these items anywhere on site - they are only available to those who play RenQuest™!  
  Getting Started  
  Once you have your proof of purchase, you will...  
  Read about the two factions and choose an alliance, if you haven't already done so. The firey Order of the Sun. The earthy Lunar Tribe.  
  • Receive your Travelers Handbook, so you can record all your points

Receive and sign your Code Of Conduct

Receive your first quest and let the Adventure Begin!

  More Information  

If you want more information about the quests and about playing before choosing to play, go to the RenQuest™ Camp. This is the home of the Band of the Twisted Claw. It’s marked on the Faire map with the RenQuest™ logo and is across from the Friends of Faire Garden.

Any of the gypsies of the Band can explain more about playing and the fees. You may even have audience with Master Thoren Grymm, himself.


As you complete your quests, return to the RenQuest™ Camp to register your points earned and to receive further orders.

Be sure to check in at the end of your day of Adventuring so that the Band of the Twisted Claw may obtain a final point tally and keep your quest sheet safe.

At the end of the weekend, Travelers’ points are all tallied and the individual and faction leaders are posted on the Bristol Renaissance Faire website. Click to see the Champions page.

  Returning to Play Another Day  

Check in at the RenQuest™ Camp to receive your current player sheet and next quest. It’s just that simple!

Master Thoren Grymm and all of the Band of the Twisted Claw are happy to provide information. They may be found at the RenQuest™ Camp or at


Thoren drinkingThoren Grymm's Pub Crawl

Join Thoren, Jameson and the Bawdy Belles as they take you around the streets of Bristol to experience the local Public Houses and Taverns! On your journey, you will visit the pubs for a time of drink, song, laughter, drink and some other stuff found only in certain magazines! The Pub Crawl SELLS OUT early so stop by the RenQuest Encampment (across from Friends of Faire) to sign up or find them at the Towne Square Public House right after the gates open.

There are two crawls every day departing at 11:30am (From the Three Sheets Pub) and 1:30pm (from the RenQuest Encampment).

For $25, participants receive five drinks at the pubs (anything on tap or cider or mead - including the infamous Blueberry Mead) and a commemorative pin! Players of RenQuest™ receive a discount when paying. Must be 21 to participate (IDs will be checked for everyone). Please drink responsibly, Thoren likes return customers!

Find Pub Crawl toasts and pictures on Facebook

(photo: Ivan Phillips)


TrollsKids Quest

The evil wizard Snifflewort is still up to his old tricks but our two trolls, Stirling and Bucket, have a plan to recover their treasure! Join Willow Spellworthy and Astrid Treeswift (along with many featured characters from Kids Kingdom) on an adventure that uncovers magic across Bristol. Specifically for our players aged 4-10, these 30 minute quests begin at the RenQuest™ Camp twice daily and cost $5 per child to play. The first quest is completely different than the second quest so you may do either or both! Size is limited so sign up early! Parents must accompany children while on the quest.

(photo: Ivan Phillips)

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