Magical Memories by John Karpinsky

Photo Contest - 2015



The 2015 Photo Contest will begin on November 28th, 2014.

Each photographer is permitted two (2) photos per category.

Submission information will be posted ON November 28th. Please do not send us early entries. They will be deleted without review.


  2014 Winner: John Karpinsky  





4. YOUR BRISTOL (-or- What makes Bristol special for you)


Each category will have 1 Winner & 1 Honorable Mention Prize Package

Honorable Mention:

4 tickets to the 2015 Bristol Renaissance Faire

10% off one total purchase at the Renaissance Collection Store

Category Winner:

6 tickets to the 2015 Bristol Renaissance Faire

1 collectible Bristol Renaissance Faire Mug

  Grand Prize ~ 1 Winner Overall:  

2 Season Passes for the 2015 Bristol Renaissance Faire

4 Tickets to the 2015 Bristol Renaissance Faire

2 collectible Bristol Renaissance Faire Mugs


Helpful Hints for your entries:

  • Make sure your subject matter is well lit and not under partial shadows.
  • Even amazingly rare shots will have trouble winning if they are blurry.
  • Look at what is going on in the background of your photo and make sure it doesn’t detract from your main subject matter, including random arms or partial faces that can sneak into your photo.
  • Unless the background is important and really enhances the shot, your subject matter should be centered and fill a majority of the frame without cutting off an essential part of the subject matter (like tops of heads).
  • Make sure your photo tells a story, even if it is “We had a good time at the Faire!”
  • Subject matter should preferably be facing the camera (not necessarily looking at), unless that is part of the story.
  • The Faire will not adjust your photos for judging purposes, so please crop or adjust before submitting.

Winning photos will be displayed on our website

All photos will appear on our Facebook page

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