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Kids Kingdom
Time slips away when you step into the magical realm of Kids Kingdom. See eye-to-eye and play with childish abandon alongside younger visitors to the Faire shire of Bristol. Learn to dress and speak like a pirate with the crew of the Broken Oar, enjoy the comedy of the Cutlass Cooking Pantry Parley show, relax with enchanting music, explore creativity with children's crafts, or be knighted by the Queen! Learn more.

Knighting Ceremony
In Kid's Kingdom children reign supreme. But when the Queen herself comes to visit, that is truly a special moment. The foundation for the Knighting Ceremony starts at 4:30, before the Queen's arrival, as the children are prepared to meet the most noble personage in all of England. Then, beginning at 5:00, an actual audience with Her Majesty where the Queen takes time to interact and speak to each child before making them a Lord or Lady of the court of Queen Elizabeth. Learn more.


Games and Rides
A wonderland of unique games and rides awaits you at the Bristol Renaissance Faire! The rides are all "muscle powered" with no electrical, gas or motorized systems used. There are complimentary rides and activities for kids and several more available for a small fee. Learn more.


Kids Quest

The dastardly Snifflewort has stolen the magical treasure, poisoned our pet troll, Stirling, AND eaten all the cookies! Join Will and Wanda Spellworthy (along with many featured characters from Kids Kingdom) to heal the troll, recover the treasure and make cookies safe again for everyone. Specifically for our players aged 4-10, these 30 minute quests begin at the RenQuest Camp twice daily and cost $5 per child to play. The first quest is completely different than the second quest so you may do either or both! Size is limited so sign up early! Parents must accompany children while on the quest.

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