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St Lawrence 2014


The Cast of the 2015 Bristol Renaissance Faire has been chosen!

  Thank you for your interest in the cast of the Bristol Renaissance Faire. The 2015 cast has been selected. Information for auditions for the 2016 cast will be posted  in January, 2016. Below is information for 2015, simply for reference.  

Location: The Radisson Hotel and Conference Center 11800 108th Street, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53142


The Bristol Renaissance Faire (BRF) has a variety of opportunities for people with a wide range of performance experience and skills. There are some paid positions available for experienced performers, many positions available for volunteers, and a few internship positions for qualified college students. BRF encourages performers of all ethnicities and backgrounds to audition.


Auditions are held on a first come, first serve basis. It is suggested that you schedule an audition. You may be asked to participate in a callback audition. Call backs will take place on both Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon.

To register for an audition time please CLICK HERE.

  Audition note: In order to be a member of the Entertainment Cast you must be at least 16 years of age by the beginning of the Faire season (July 11, 2015). You must be at least 18 years old to be cast in By the Sword.  Families with younger children are encouraged to audition as a group - children younger than 16 may be on cast if a parent is also on cast.  

Performers should be available for all required 2015 dates as well as:

-One pre-rehearsal costume workshop (Date TBA)

-Meet & Greet Cast Dinner - Friday, June 5th

-Classes & Rehearsals - All Saturdays and Sundays June 6th through July 5th

   (Note: Some troupes may require additional rehearsal dates. Saturday July 4th is a required class day.)

Faire Performance Days - Saturdays, Sundays and Labor Day Monday July 11th through September 7th

Strike - Dates vary by cast but fall between September 8th and September 20th

Audition Time Sessions available:

Saturday, Feb. 21 ~ 8 - 10 a.m.  FULL

Saturday, Feb. 21 ~ 10 - 11:30 a.m. FULL

Saturday, Feb. 21 ~ 1 - 3:30 p.m. FULL

Saturday, Feb. 21 ~ 4 - 6 p.m. FULL

By The Sword (Fight Cast) Only: Saturday, Feb. 21 ~ 7pm  FULL

Saturday, Feb. 21 ~ 8 - 9:30 p.m. FULL

Sunday, Feb. 22 ~ 8 - 9:30 a.m.  FULL

Sunday, Feb. 22 ~ 10 - 11:30 a.m. FULL

Sunday, Feb. 22 ~ 1 - 2:30 p.m. FULL

Sunday, Feb. 22 ~ 3 - 3:30 p.m. FULL

  Note: We will have a wait-list at the audition location for walk-in auditions. We will make an effort to see walk-in auditions, but there is no guarantee that we will be able to see walk-ins.  

To register for a Wait List audition please CLICK HERE.

Everyone wishing to audition must complete the form to schedule a date and session.

Before scheduling a session time, have the following information ready:
Preferred date/time session
Your full name, full address, phone and email address.
Your full birth date.
The troupe, guilde, or position you wish to audition for (See below for troupe descriptions).
(You may choose "general audition"; you don't need to choose one in the list.)

NOTE: Musicians are encouraged to audition on Saturday (any session).  If you wish to audition for By the Sword you must do so in the Saturday evening session. If you do not mention that you wish to be considered for By the Sword then you will not be considered.

  All auditionees must bring:  

- a head-shot (or a recent picture of your face)

- a performance resume

- a copy of your photo identification

We will keep these items for our files, so you MUST bring a copy of the ID to leave with us.

  Audition Requirements:  
  • Every performer should prepare to sing 16 bars of any song from Happy Birthday, your favorite opera or anything in between. All performers will sing at some time during the faire day, usually as a group.
  • Every performer must recite a memorized monologue no longer than 45 seconds (preferably from a stage play).
  • Every performer must also be prepared to participate in acting improvisation exercises.
  • Be prepared to spend up to three hours at the audition location.
  • For specific cast audition information i.e.: Fantastikals, By the Sword, Musicians and/or Bristol Buskin Frolic, please see below under “Troupe Descriptions”

Call back auditions will take place on both Saturday (at approx: 4-5:30pm) and Sunday (at approx 2-3:30pm) in the afternoon.  If you are needed for a call back, you will receive a verbal invitation at your audition.





  Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your audition session.  

When you arrive, you will sign in and hand over your resume, head-shot, and copy of your photo identification.

  All those auditioning are directed to a general waiting room where you may warm up. Please be considerate of your fellow performers.  If your warm-up includes singing or running through a choreographed fight, you will be directed to a space to prepare - it may be out of doors. The Bristol Renaissance Faire is an outdoor theatrical venue, so it's never too early to get used to it!  

Performers will be escorted to see the panel of Directors one at a time in the order in which you signed in/appointment timeslot. After you present your audition pieces, you will be asked to remain for group exercises. Therefore, it's a good idea not to plan to be anywhere else for the rest of the morning, afternoon or evening you are scheduled to audition.

  (Note: there may be up to 15 people on the panel - this is due to all directors possibly needing your talent or skills. This may sound scary - but remember, every one of them wants your talents and skills for their group!)  

Note: Please do not bring in any food or beverages other than bottled water.

  We will have a wait-list for walk-in auditionees. We will make all efforts to see everyone, but sadly there is no guarantee that there will be time for your audition. If you wish to walk-in, please have all information prepared and in-hand as listed above.  

If you have questions about any of these performance opportunities at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, please feel free to contact the Audition Email Address: 




The Directors will discuss each and every auditionee as a group and determine where your special skills and talents are needed. The Directors look at the needs of their particular group, and the needs of the entire faire as a whole. You will be contacted within two weeks with a casting decision. If you are cast, you will receive a package of information that will guide you into the rehearsal process.

  Please note that you will only receive ONE offer to be part of the cast. If you decline that troupe then you will not be part of the 2015 cast but are welcome to audition in future years.  


  All new cast members become a part of the Faire's training program, the Bristol Academy of Performing Arts (BAPA).  
  BAPA is taught by a faculty of professional performers, historians, and arts educators. Classes may include Street Theatre, Improvisation, Dialects, Customs and Manners, Movement, Country Dance, Juggling, and a variety of Elizabethan History and Performance classes. In conjunction with Faire rehearsals, the BAPA program prepares our cast for performance at the Faire. There is no fee for participation in this program.  

BAPA classes are all day on Saturdays beginning June 6th, 2015 and run the 5 Saturdays prior to the opening day of the Faire, including Saturday July 4th, 2015.




  Stage Managers by Steve SpitzerSTAGE MANAGEMENT ~ IT TAKES A VILLAGE… to run our village! Want to be involved at Bristol, but performing’s not your style? Consider joining our Stage Management team.  No experience? That’s Ok! If you can be responsible, we’ll do the rest. You’ll get to take classes in the history and culture of the time period, receive all the training you need from industry professionals, and spend an amazing summer working closely with nationally touring and local entertainers, expanding your skill set, and making lasting memories with new friends and teammates as a part of one of the most integral groups at the faire. Contact Production Stage Manager Casey C. Adams today at for more information. We can’t wait to hear from you!  

General audition for interest in more than one group ~ If you are interested in more than one group, you can do a general audition. Make sure you include anything for a specific group (like bring an instrument if you wish to be considered for a BBF musician.)

Auditionees should prepare the standard audition requirements.

At Your ServiceCommedia ~ At Your Service

Those crazy Italians are back!  Commedia Dell'Arte is the "Original Physical Comedy" featuring timeless characters like bumbling servants, old crotchety geezers and braggart soldiers providing highly visual, larger than life characters that with the help of mask become a living cartoon.  Staged scripted scenes, original songs, and choreographed virtuosic "lazzis" are performed as well as totally spontaneous interactive play in the street.  Actors/Comedians with strong maskwork, circus skills or musical skills are a plus.  Strange obscure special skills also welcome.


By The Sword By the Sword ~ Noble heroes and nefarious villains bring explosive street fights, scripted and improvised street scenes, and one on one interactions to the audience. Both male and female actor-combatants are encouraged to audition, all roles available.


Auditionees specifically for By the Sword should prepare one choreographed fight scene in addition to the standard audition requirements.  Unarmed combat is acceptable. The fight's choreography must be created by the auditioning performer(s). Performers must be available to perform all 19 days of the Faire season. You must be at least 18 years old to be cast in By the Sword. 


BBF photo by Ivan PhillipsBristol Buskin Frolic ~ Dressed in their most colorful garb, this cast can only be described as the zany life of the party! Found at the Maypole and all over the streets of Bristol, they dance, sing, perform short plays, play games, fawn over the royalty, and most importantly, they JINGLE. **Especially seeking Irish Step Dancers and musicians to play Renaissance country dances. We are seeking characters who love to sing, dance, frolic and play all day.

*Tolerance to jingling bells
*Specific dance experience is helpful but not required.
*Choir experience is helpful but not required.
*Specific instrumental experience is helpful but not required.
*Interpersonal skills a MUST. We work as a group and the ability to work well with others is required.

BBF by John KarpinskyAuditionees should prepare a demonstration of movement or dance skills, up to one minute in length in addition to the standard audition requirements.  A boom-box will be available should you wish to bring pre-recorded musical accompaniment for movement/dance audition purposes. You will need to bring your own music CD. Especially interested in performers with Irish Step Dance experience or a high interest in learning this form of dance.

(photos: Ivan Phillips, John Karpinsky)


Danse MacabreDanse Macabre ~ Have the chance to play two roles at Bristol! During the day - you are a Villager, walking the streets of Bristol interacting with our guests. Engage, entertain, and play with the visitors that have traveled to our city. Then, as shadows grow and the day ends, take to the streets as the Danse Macabre. The Dead parade the streets to remind patrons that regardless of their station in life we are all united in the end. Both as Dansers and as Villagers, help our guests live each day to the fullest!


Witches by Ivan PhillipsThe Denizens of the Street ~ The Denizens of the Street is a home for fun, dynamic individuals looking to bring a character to life on the streets of Bristol. You will work with your Director and your fellow cast-mates to create and inhabit one of the many interesting and offbeat people living in the port-town Bristol. Bring the fun and excitement of a day at the Faire directly to your audience. Characters in the Denizens cast mostly operate solo, but you've always got a whole village there to support you. Prior performing experience not necessarily needed; if you enjoy meeting and talking to interesting people, then the Denizens of the Street might be the place for you. Create an original character! Meet new people! Talk to them!  We're also looking for performers to manipulate Body Puppets and to walk stilts throughout the Faire.

(photo: Ivan Phillips)


Baby Dragon Fantastikal by Belinda Bo CouchFantastikals ~ The Fantastikals bring magic, wonder, and surprise to the town of Bristol!  The Queen's visit loosens the boundary of the enchanted realms, and fairies, elves, elementals, and spirit archetypes materialize, their supernatural energy swirling through the town, and manifesting a magical forest right at the heart of everyday Bristol. Humans both young and grown who are gifted with "second sight" (maybe just for this one special day) may find themselves seeing and even communicating with these wordless beings-- be ready for goosebumps!


We are seeking actors with:  strong movement skills,   imagination, love of nature (both earth and human), lots of stamina, positive attitude and team spirit and excitement for a completely unique performance opportunity. 


For your audition (in addition to normal requirements): a 2-minute movement piece: no music, no speech: please show as much variety of movement and emotion as possible while portraying a non-human character in a little story with a beginning, a middle and an end.

(photo: Belinda Bo Couch)


King Cole by Ivan PhillipsKids Kingdom ~ Rediscover your inner child! Find your home in Kids’ Kingdom where children teach you as much as you have to teach them. Bring a storybook character to life before a child’s brightening and wondering eyes, while leading treasure hunts, performing on stage, teaching games, and preparing for the Knighting Ceremony. This area includes both volunteer and paid performance opportunities.

(photos: Ivan Phillips, Irek Photography)

Snow White by Irek Photography


Musicians by John KarpinskyMusicians and Vocalists ~ Seeking both instrumentalists and vocal musicians. Especially seeking musicians who play recorder, violin and other Renaissance instruments. This area includes both volunteer and paid performance opportunities. High School Band and Orchestra students encouraged to audition. Instruments may be provided.

Auditionees should prepare one musical piece, not to exceed one and one half minutes, preferably a Renaissance-era piece in addition to the standard audition requirements.  Musicians, instrumental and vocal, may be asked to sight-read. Instrumentalists should be prepared to sing and all musicians should be prepared to do some acting improvisation exercises.  NOTE: Auditions for this group will be held on Saturday.

(photo: John Karpinsky)

  Pub CrawlPubCrawl ~ Looking for boisterous and bawdy Tavern Wenches to help host The Bristol Pub Crawl. Must be able to sing, lead raucous songs in a group and be comfortable with a more mature content of performance.  Pub crawl contains rated-R material.  

RenQuest by John KarpinskyRenQuest™ ~ Performers with strong characterization and storytelling ability and game/role playing experience are encouraged to portray a gypsy band as they race against the Draco Disciples in a struggle of good and evil. The roles include mostly volunteer opportunities.

RenQuest by Cara StrongThose auditioning for RenQuest™ should be prepared to do character and improvisation exercises.

(photos: John Karpinsky, Cara Strong)


Gabriel Q by Ivan PhillipsVariety Artists ~ Jugglers, magicians, sword-swallowers, etc., to play the streets and/or the stages of the Faire. This area includes both volunteer and paid performance opportunities.

Auditionees should prepare a demonstration of their skills, preferably with patter, up to three minutes. In addition, variety performers may be asked to participate in group improvisation exercises. Troupes or performers with an established act may also audition via videotape or DVD. Please forward promotional materials to the Faire

Attn: Kristen Mansour.

(photo: Ivan Phillips)



The Guildes at BRF focus on entertaining our patrons through a theatrical re-creation of the history of Renaissance England.  If you want to join one of the Historical Guildes, you need not audition, but are welcome to do so.  Please contact brfauditions if you wish to participate without auditioning.


GSGGuilde of St. George ~ (The Court of Queen Elizabeth) In portraying the Court of Queen Elizabeth Tudor, the Guilde of St. George seeks to bring you into the Elizabethan Renaissance, a time of great splendor, royal intrigue and a greater appreciation of the arts. Many of the persons portrayed lived and left their mark during the reign of Queen Elizabeth - as her Privy Councillors, Maids of Honor, high-ranking peers and household. Some held positions of high influence; others were barely noticed by Her Grace. Nevertheless, each makes a significant contribution to the Court.

Standard audition requirements apply.

(Photo: Jessica Harrison)

St George 2014


St LawrenceGuilde of St. Lawrence ~ (Cooking Guilde/English Middle Class) The Guilde of St. Lawrence portrays the common citizens of Bristol - citizens who live and work at the Dirty Duck Inn. At the Inn we live the history of England, preparing meals as the Faire's food co-op, interactively demonstrating the daily life of the middle and lower classes, and bringing the outside visitor into our world. We sing, we dance, we play. We cook, we work, we feast. Ultimately, we celebrate the arrival of Queen Elizabeth to Bristol and we share our joy at her arrival with Bristol's visitors.

Standard audition requirements apply.

The Men of St Lawrence


GSM photo by Nichole DHGuilde of St. Michael ~ (English Military Guilde) Be one of the few, the proud, the Guilde of St. Michael! You can: wear armour, swing a sword, wield a twelve foot pike, shoot a matchlock musket, loose a longbow, look dashing and live to tell the tale! Although the Guilde has historical re-enactment as its vehicle, entertainment of the Faire patrons is the primary objective. All ranks of the Elizabethan military are represented and all aspects are shown through demonstrations, pageantry, weaponry, and "recruitment" of patrons throughout the day.

Standard audition requirements apply.

(photos: Nicole DH, Patty Smith)

Guild of St Michael photo by Patty Smith

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